About the Paramount Group

The Paramount Group began as a small group of AA’s seeking to create the kind of fellowship they craved, a fellowship based on the principles of recovery and service outlined in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Its first meeting was held on Sunday night April 18th 1999 at 8:00pm (We now meet at 7pm) at the Imperial Alano Club, 8021 Rosecrans Ave, and it presently continues to meet every Sunday night at the same location.

It quickly grew into an active and enthusiastic home group for many of us and we hope for many more still to come.

Regular Meetings Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday Nights

We now hold three weekly meetings on Sunday, Tuesday, and a Womens Meeting on Friday. All meetings take place at night. We also take meetings into treatment facilities that are open to residents and panel members only. To attend one of these meeting contact us.

Birthday Potlucks on the last Sunday of the Month

Paramount Group Birthdays are celebrated at the Birthday Potluck that is held on the last Sunday of the month (except for November and December) at 5pm before the regular Sunday night Paramount Speakers meeting. November and December Birthday Potluck schedule varies.

12 Step Workshops

In addition to our regular meetings we also host 12 Step Workshops during the year that provide us the opportunity to listen to some of AA’s greatest messengers talk about the tools of recovery that are the difference between life and death for so many, and also gives us the chance actively participate in our own recovery.

We invite you to come join the fun and bring a newcomer or the people you sponsor.

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